Coaching for individuals and teams

We work closely with professionals, teams and professional groups in a variety of cultural and organizational settings around the world. From individual coaching to develop a specific skill or team coaching for improved performance, our coaches collaborate closely with clients to address their unique challenges—and produce powerful, sustained results.

Individual Coaching

We emphasize cultivating an individual’s “generative” capacity—the ability to produce sustained, creative results—and on uncovering and transforming limits to creative expression. Our approach to coaching starts with an assumption of the inherent wholeness of the individual, and at the same time acknowledges that there are many stages of development that people must traverse in order to express their full potential.

Team Coaching

At the collective level, we assist leadership teams in increasing their capacity to act as a unified, powerful whole, with the intention that this will serve as a source of inspiration and support for performance, innovation, and learning for the whole organization and its members.