Create inspired futures.

We help clients create inspired futures, awaken shared purpose and activate collective intelligence to produce committed and aligned performance. In partnership with us, leaders discover new ways of working together that generate profound transformations in their organizations—and in themselves.

Dialogos is a management consulting and leadership development firm with offices in Concord, Massachusetts. For more than two decades, we have developed and refined sophisticated tools to catalyze organizational transformations that produce unprecedented results.

Our clients are influential organizations focused on serving major markets and addressing critical problems that impact our world and our future.

Dialogos teams work closely with client organizations and multi-client groups to surface the root causes underlying complex challenges, and develop a common language for innovative problem solving that dissolves barriers and isolated thinking. Through our unique process and proven tools we empower leadership teams and people at all levels of the organization to find more effective ways of working together—so they can achieve their missions and make deeper, more lasting contributions.

Why clients engage us

Dialogos clients and partners count on us to help them navigate uncertainty and complexity, deliver superior results for their organizations, achieve their highest aspirations as individuals, and make a positive and lasting impact.

We believe that the wisdom to resolve difficulties in any situation is already present in the individuals who are part of the system. We help people access their full potential, and strengthen their courage and confidence to act decisively. The results are dramatic, far-reaching—and unexpected.



Teams work in silos

Teams collaborate effectively on shared objectives

People make limited contributions, “not my role”

People become more engaged, and fully invested in shared decisions

Decision-making based on skewed perceptions

Decisions based on true understanding of the problem and underlying challenges

People rush to quick answers

People take time to think; arrive at thoughtful, inspired and strategic solutions

People censor themselves and suppress differences

People learn to differ skillfully and productively

Short-term fixes driven from fear of failure

Sustainable solutions guided by a shared commitment to long-term success

Groups compete, work in opposition

Groups focused on core competencies, and work together for shared success

Systems delivering unintended results

Systems optimized to deliver powerful results

Organization has run out of ideas but “something needs to change”

Leaders become empowered to inspire their teams, and transform the organization from within

Leaders keep personal selves separate from their professional roles

Leaders take a more open, holistic stance, and think and act with courage