The 10,000 Leaders Project

A global community of grounded visionaries

We believe that the world needs a core of people who are committed to serve together in the wider whole.  These are people who are ready to realize the stature, maturity and mastery needed to handle the disturbances and disruption that are emerging, and the presence of mind to turn these moments into creative opportunities. They are people who know that they have an essential part to play in providing inspiration, perspective, and connection within and for their families, business, organizations, communities and nations.

The 10,000 Leaders Project will bring this wider community together, to accelerate both their individual and collective development. Every serious leader knows that their own skills are as yet a mere fraction of what is both possible and needed, given the challenges today in our organizations, institutions, and nations. The 10,000 Leaders Project will provide the high intensity development space to allow people to step fully into their own authority, and do so in alignment with a wide vision and deep sense of purpose.

The first cycle will consist of a 12-month program, comprised of four face-to-face sessions, structured coaching, and monthly virtual dialogues. It will continue in annual cycles thereafter. It is open to graduates of Leadership for Collective Intelligence, and to other qualified individuals who are interested in taking their aspirations, capability and influence to another level.

The term “10,000 leaders” was inspired by a timeless Taoist text called the Tao Te Ching. Written 2500 years ago, it outlines a subtle, challenging, and inspiring direction for any leader to follow:

The Tao begot the one

One begot two

Two begot three

And three begot the ten thousand things (Chapter 42)

– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, 

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