Tailored Programs

Learning at scale for enterprise-wide results

To create sustained change, organizational learning needs to be diffused through the entire enterprise. Dialogos creates tailored leadership programs that integrate development activities—and engage people at every level of the organization.

Training programs are too often implemented on an ad hoc basis, administered to meet some urgency or address a particular department’s need. Even if there is a program oriented to the company as a whole, it tends to be designed in a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t fit peoples’ jobs, desires, or future. Such programs become just one more piece of change management, sent down from the top, that people must endure.

Organizational learning doesn’t accomplish its purpose unless it is taken “to scale”: diffused through the entire enterprise to align people at lower levels in the hierarchy with leadership goals. After all, the decisions and actions of managers who are closest to customers and processes can make a significant impact to cost, quality, health, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, shareholder return.

Dialogos has developed a form of learning that involves people at all levels of the organizations as sponsors. We begin by asking the critical question, “What is the type of leadership we want to develop, and why?” The response begins a process that uncovers shared purpose and produces aligned action.

Dialogos has helped leading global companies develop tailored programs that engage people and teams across the enterprise. Rather than supersede other training and development activities at the organization, our approach integrates these initiatives into a leadership development program that creates real competitive advantage—at every level of the organization.

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