Leadership for Collective Intelligence

Galvanize the underlying power of your organization

Break through to greatness. The new model for leadership calls upon leaders to embrace their true identity, motivate teams to think together, and inspire individuals to participate more fully in a shared process for generative change.

Course Levels: LCI Foundations (pre-req). LCI Mastery

Course Duration: 10-12 months. 3.5 day in-person every other month. 4 sessions, Interim work and reflection calls

Course Locations: TBD

Enrollment Fee: $30,000

Leadership is about the expression of true character and creativity – particularly under pressure.  The external uncertainty, volatility and institutional failures we see on many hands, and the internal tendency to work in fragmented and polarized ways to address this, clearly point to the need for a new level of courage, self awareness and self-leadership.

At the same time the age of the individual leader is over. It is no longer possible for one individual to manage all the complexity and intensity of modern institutions. Power has decayed- it is held collectively and socially.  Individuals and institutions who fail to see this will be left behind.

The LCI is the result of two decades of research and deep development of a method for helping people access what is at the core of themselves and their organizations. It evokes a new level of personal effectiveness but more helps position leaders to understand their systems and then catalyze dramatic new levels if innovation and collaboration. It shows you how to produce breakthrough results by coming to new levels of insight in yourself.

The Leadership for Collective Intelligence Program (LCI) is an intensive, 4-session experience intended to catalyze this understanding and capacity for action in leaders.

Organizational Benefits

Leadership for Collective Intelligence is a transformational learning experience. It equips leaders with tools, techniques and practices that will enable them to think and act systemically, and build powerful teams that deliver:

Unique solutions to complex, ambiguous problems.

  • Transformative innovation across the whole value chain.
  • Platforms of engagement that lead to cohesive action.
  • Viral change across the system by activating shared intention.
  • Shifts at scale, whether in strategic thinking or cultural change.
  • High-quality dialogue across the ecosystem of stakeholders in multicultural, cross-generational contexts.
  • Business-wide results that go beyond the pursuit of targets or competition between departments.
  • Increased levels of energy, commitment and alignment.

Leadership Outcomes

Leadership for Collective Intelligence is for individuals who are ready to take their leadership to the next level. We intend that participants will:

  • Understand and build alignment around the potential in a leadership situation to co-create the new.
  • Know their true orientation and inspire others to contribute their best by their genuine example.
  • Create safe environments – “containers” – where people can talk and think together across organizational boundaries.
  • Navigate and deepen their emotional maturity and transform dysfunctional patterns.
  • Become aware of taken-for-granted ways of thinking and operating, creating space for new insights to emerge.
  • Catalyze creative thinking, innovation and wider perspective-taking among the people they lead.
  • Inspire coordinated action, rooted in common purpose and shared commitment.
  • Be able to conceive, operationalize and facilitate transformational design.

A Generative Learning Community

Leadership for Collective Intelligence is more than just an educational program; it is a gateway into a global community of practitioners. These are leaders who are awakening to and operating from a new paradigm, and who are mutually cultivating the highest standards of leadership.

Participants over the past two decades have come from a rich variety of backgrounds, countries, cultures, sectors and industries to expand their potential and transform the ways they think and act. They come from the private sector and the public sector; they are rising leaders or senior players seeking transformation in their careers.

The LCI is unique in gathering very different leaders to develop a common and deep understanding of themselves and of what it takes to produce a generative core of leadership and change. This understanding transfers across alumni. People from different programs find themselves networked and connected in a common understanding that is immediately supportive and powerful. The ongoing graduate community serves as an ongoing source of action research and theory development, a place to share best practices and tools and a context for ongoing professional development.

Learning Activities

The program will include a variety of reinforcing learning methodologies and practices, including:

  • Working on a live, complex organizational problem, including a field visit, with other participants, providing a practical and immediate opportunity to apply new skills and methods.
  • Coaching conversations at regular intervals with members of the core faculty and staff, to further the participants’ learning and the development of skills.
  • An offline world of practice including video reflection, role playing, skill-building, dialogue, personal transformation, and theory-testing with a group of about thirty people and core faculty.
  • A real-world component where participants actively engage their own organizations through practical interim assignments. Here they will have an opportunity to apply their new knowledge, set up experiments and bring the results back to the group.
  • Opportunities for cross-organizational learning where participants may choose to undertake joint projects with other companies, share resources, and find other ways to develop a critical mass for learning.
  • Study groups where participants from a single institution meet periodically either by teleconference or face-to-face in order to deepen their competencies.
  • Personal reflection including journaling, meditation, exercise, assignments and readings.
  • Creation of internal partnerships where there are opportunities for others within the participant’s organization (such as people to whom participants report, for whom they are responsible, and with whom they interact) to participate in this work and deepen and extend the learning process.

2023-24 Program Dates

  • October 21 – 25, 2024
  • January 13 – 17, 2025
  • April 7 – 11, 2025
  • July 14 – 18, 2025


  • $30,000 pp


  • Physical locations TBD

Program application

Questions? Please contact:

Dalia Olshvang

Phone + 1.617.576.7986