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Are you ready to lead with true purpose? Dialogos helps leaders unlock greatness in themselves to make visionary transformations—
personal and professional—and inspire people to achieve the unthinkable.

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Through our long-and short-term programs we have created a deep developmental curriculum for growing leaders’ capacity to create, innovate and produce change. We teach participants a variety of powerful tools, methods, and approaches for creating organizational and system change, developed by Dialogos practitioners over two decades. In all our programs, we engage people in focused experiential learning, which includes live dialogue and reflection, as well as applied action projects.

Dialogos currently offers the following programs to help individuals and teams cultivate leadership capacity:

There is a new model for leadership emerging—one that builds not on mechanistic blueprints, but is instead based on the capacity to listen for and galvanize the underlying wisdom and inherent creative power in systems. This kind of change unfolds over time, cannot be manipulated, has a definite design and rigor, but requires a far different stance from the leader—a personal stance—where one is aware of the deep connection between what is in them, and what occurs outside of them.

The Leadership for Collective Intelligence Program (LCI) is an intensive 9 month remote learning experience intended to catalyze this understanding and capacity for action in leaders.

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Based on Dialogos’ pioneering work in generative dialogue, this is a one year course that introduces participants to multiple levels of dialogue, group structures, and individual and team effectiveness. Participants learn to deepen their leadership identity, expand their capacity to connect with others, and access collective intelligence in groups by creating and holding dialogue “containers”.

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These programs are available on an in-house basis to client organizations. The essential design of these programs draws from our deep experience in leadership development, but we can join you in a process of inquiry, design, facilitation, and capacity-building to produce a tailored program based on specific objectives.

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Next Session: November 6, 2020

This fall we will hold a second series of Seven Dialogues, to again make space for a shared and global inquiry about the state of our planet, and the situation we are all facing together. We will hold these sessions on the first Friday of every month, beginning November 6, 2020.

In the spring participants joined from every part of the world and engaged together in a powerful exchange that surpassed everyone’s expectations. We listened, spoke, and thought together, allowing the whole to speak through our many voices. We began to sense a much wider space of engagement and possibility, one where we were both teacher and learner.

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