Catalyzing change

We help our clients and partners deliver superior results for their organizations, achieve their highest aspirations as individuals—and make a positive and lasting impact.

We offer services in three core areas:

  • Transforming organizations and complex systems
  • Cultivating individual and collective leadership capacity
  • Cultivating individual and collective leadership capacity

Transforming Organizations

Navigating uncertainty and providing true leadership requires organizations that do not merely repeat well-worn (if once successful) habits. New possibilities for creative expansion exist on every hand, but are frequently lost through bureaucratic complexity and limited imagination. Our expertise lies in helping organizations recognize and transform these default patterns, unlock new and promising possibilities, and act with a renewed sense of mission and purpose.
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Cultivating Leaders

The age of the hero leader is gone. The new leadership model is based on the capacity to evoke generative thinking and resilient action in their organizations—a stance that enables people to contribute their finest and coordinate in unprecedented and unexpected ways. Our developmental curriculum helps grow leaders’ capacity to create, innovate, and produce change. We offer short- and long-term programs that teach the art and practice of dialogic leadership; equip leaders to design, initiate, and facilitate large-systems change; and support leaders in engaging in the process of reflection, exploration and regeneration.
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We work with individual professional and executive-level clients in organizations all over the world to unleash their deep wellspring of power and capability. Our Holographic Coaching model, focuses on a person’s “generative” capacity—the ability to produce sustained, creative results—and on uncovering and transforming limits to creative expression. Our approach has been developed, tested, and refined for over two decades with thousands of leaders.
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Tools & Resources

In addition to these services, we offer collaborative tools, services and other resources that fuel creative capacity, facilitate genuine dialogue and further the work of transformative change.
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