Recordings of our guest speakers from previous LCI sessions

Michael Jones Intro

Michael Jones is a leadership educator, author and Juno Nominated ( A Canadian Grammy) pianist and composer. He has been a Senior Associate with Dialogos Inc and The James McGregor Burns Academy of Leadership. And he has been a featured speaker at The International Leadership Association, The Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership, Quaker Foods, PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group, The Executive MBA Programs at the University of Texas, San Antonio and many more. The author of three books on creative leadership he has also composed and produced fifteen CD’s of his original piano compositions which have been distributed worldwide and integrates his music in his work with leaders and organizations.

Drew Jones – Thinking in Systems

Andrew P. Jones (Drew)


Drew is Co-Director of Climate Interactive. He is a system dynamics modeler, facilitator, trainer, and designer of simulation-based learning environments. Trained in environmental engineering and system dynamics modeling through a B.A. at Dartmouth College and a M.S. in technology and policy at MIT, he worked in the 1990s at Rocky Mountain Institute and in the 2000s with Dana Meadows at Sustainability Institute.

He and his team at Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan developed C-ROADS, the user-friendly climate simulation in use by the U.S. State Department’s Jonathan Pershing, John Holdren in the White House, Senator John Kerry and analysts for the Chinese Government.

He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in system dynamics, systems thinking, and sustainability at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Drew lives with his family in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

Writings, videos and other media by Drew can be found here. In particular, we recommend “How to Save the Climate in 10 Minutes”

Michael Jones “Tone of Leadership” Presentation

“In times of uncertainty and  sudden change leaders don’t always have the answers they’re looking for. So what is leadership for and what should leaders think and do in order to engage the impossible challenges to come? The answer may not be in knowing more – but in becoming more. And this includes exploring our  own leadership mindset or worldview.

Michael Jones uses story and music to open the possibility of deeper learning in leadership. In his presentation he asks;  what is the quality of presence and tone in your leadership? How can you translate your unique leadership gifts into your life and work?  Do you lead from your own song sheet or do you follow someone else’s script? How can you learn from the imaginative power of story ? How do you accept your own vulnerability and not knowing? How can you learn to improvise and engage with on-going uncertainty and disruption? What would it mean to compose your own life and follow your path in creating your future?

 In his presentation which is anchored in ludic, spry and conversation  leaders  will have an opportunity  to  expand their   mindsets by exploring the underlying patterns  of living systems which draw from nature rather than the machine as their primary referent.  By learning  how to ask oneself   and others probing questions that challenge new thinking and broaden understanding., leaders will learn practical approaches for accessing a higher level of thinking and creativity  within themselves  and in the leaders they lead. Above all Michael’s presentation invites others to become more inspiring leaders who  are capable of  creating  a work environment that is a more engaged, authentic, imaginative and self aware.”

– Michael Jones