Interactive tools for inventive results

Dialogos offers a refined suite of tools that expand on our high-end delivery and leadership education module to create an interactive platform of content innovation and invention. These tangible tools are designed to make our services more broadly accessible to organizations and teams that need them.  Each tool offers a complete set of results based on level of need and appetite for, or conditions for change.

Dialogos’ suite of organizational and team diagnostics are designed to support senior leaders and teams across a range of industries and disciplines, including:

  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Financial Sector: Investment & Private Equity Firms
  • Public & Private Educational Institutions
  • Insurers and Underwriters
  • Research Scientists, Engineering Firms

1+1 Alliance Tool

Often when two entities are joined, the resulting unified entity is less efficient than the contributing individual units. Under these circumstances, 1+1 is less than its potential whole. We developed the 1+1 Alliance Tool to help organizations surpass their expectations by diagnosing underlying human dynamics and cultural factors and identifying the unfolding, spatial, and energetic dynamics of both the individual entities and the new entity they will create.

Dialogos’ 1+1 Tool helps senior leadership make explicit the underlying cultural factors that contribute to creativity or “stuck-ness,” and open new doors to the quantum patterns that inform the current states and create future possibilities.

A tool for new mergers and reconfigurations
The 1+1 Alliance Tool is specifically designed to facilitate new mergers and reconfigurations, where two organizations plan to combine or must function coherently together.

Our 1+1 Tool is based on 15 years of experience diagnosing some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. The 1+1 tool aids leaders in identifying their organizational culture with the underlying dynamics of highly successful organizations who have achieved “flow.” The 1+1 Tool enables leaders, underwriters or investors to examine disparate divisions, departments, venture investments or acquisitions, or assess potential mergers for viability. What is working with Entity A? Will it keep working when it joins Entity B? What are the barriers to synergy? How might the new Entity created by joining A and B work best?

What is alignment?
To define an entities alignment, our diagnostic tools gather data about:

  • Executive and operational process
  • Clarity on principles & values
  • Executive consistency between word and action
  • Learning (how does the entity deal with error)
  • Strategic direction
  • Ability to make and follow through on choices
  • Level of balance on assessing risk

Collective Leadership Tool

The Collective Leadership Tool helps organizations and institutions develop their Core Team and the frames, intentions and vision to cultivate alignment within management, and establish a broader climate of commitment and intrinsic motivation in the workforce.

We use the term “collective leadership” to refer to an alternative approach: cultivating true leadership at every level of an organization, or across organizations. Collective leadership refers then to the emerging possibility of an ecosystem of leadership, where the whole interacts in such a way as to produce a result, now not forced to do so from a single, external point of control, but enabled by many interdependently interacting parts. At its core, collective leadership implies making space for the emerging authority of each individual, in the context of a larger whole.