Alper Tengüz

Alper is a German-Turkish national who grew up in Frankfurt, Germany and lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied Industrial Engineering in the US and completed a PhD in development economics at Goethe University, Frankfurt. As an Engagement Manager with McKinsey he led client engagements in the private as well as the public sector in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Integrating his academic and consulting experience Alper advised extensively in the health care sector (insurance, hospitals, pharma) and institutions like the German GIZ, the Government of Albania on FDI or the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on financial market integration. During this time, Alper discovered his passion and talent for helping executives work better with teams to achieve their ambitions. He now works as an executive coach and organizational consultant. His focus has shifted from delivering “smart consulting answers” to empowering individuals and groups to solve their own challenges by strengthening their leadership capabilities. He has coached and consulted executives from the US, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South and East Asia.

Alper is passionate about education and is an engaged teacher of the future generation. As a lecturer and program designer at the University of Frankfurt, Goethe Business School and a Turkish Master in Leadership in Organizations he has created and launched innovative executive education programs. His years of international work have convinced Alper that organizations must innovate new models of developing and engaging their employees in order to be global, profitable and socially responsible entities.