Cees Kramer

Cees is a former senior executive at BP, and has extensive work experience in Supply, Trading and Marketing in Europe, Africa and Asia, integrating diverse organizations and individuals in complex environments, and enabling local teams to take on leadership. As a leader who established the first BP joint venture in China and who managed organizational and cultural post-merger integration processes in Europe, Asia, and the US, Cees is highly skilled at creating alliances and win-win situations, and at integrating people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. During his international career Cees has lived and worked in Amsterdam, Brussels, Singapore, London, and Cape Town.

As Senior Associate at Dialogos, Cees’ passion for leadership development is fuelled by his personal experience and belief that everybody has the potential to reach extraordinary goals. Cees believes that the wisdom to produce creative change and resolve difficulties is already present in the individuals within the system. In his consulting and coaching practice Cees encourages leaders to bring all of themselves to their roles so they lead and inspire with integrity whilst invoking the collective intelligence of their teams.

Combining personal enthusiasm and deep practical experience, Cees creates an environment in which individuals can listen and think together to produce new, powerful and sustainable outcomes. Cees holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He is fluent in English and Dutch, and has a working knowledge of German and French.