Case Studies

Creating Organizational Learning at Scale

What does it take to produce transformational learning at scale? Many sizeable organizations have struggled with the challenge of mobilizing and aligning large numbers of people in order to deliver innovative results. Inevitably, this requires building new capacity: employees need to learn what it takes to operate differently. With Dialogos’ help, a major oil and gas company was able to consolidate an array of disconnected initiatives into a single, unified global leadership program that created unprecedented alignment across first-level managers and their extended teams.
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Transformative Project Implementation: Catalyzing Collective Alignment

How can a large corporation cut through the traditional breakdowns and failures in the implementation of complex, large-scale projects? On the heels of two failed project launches—due largely to lack of teamwork in the delivery team, misalignment between the business and the IT organization, and inconsistent internal leadership expectations about how to achieve success—a major global enterprise invited Dialogos to provide strategic support for a broad-scale SAP implementation. Partnering with a strong new leader, Dialogos helped the Company open pathways for real breakthrough across project teams and their business clients—enabling them to launch a global, operational SAP system on time and within budget.
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Turnaround of a Failing Alliance: Overcoming Partnering Challenges in Product Innovation

The trading unit unit of a major global company and a software firm created a joint venture to build a new software product intended to address distribution issues and increase supply-chain effectiveness. This would have been the first product of its kind, and a far more effective solution than anything currently available—enabling the global firm to have a lead on its competitors and the software firm to offer a much-needed new product to its customers. But after months of failed efforts, high costs and contention between entities, the joint project was in serious danger of failure. Dialogos helped turn this project around and facilitate its successful delivery—even shortening a complex portion of the project from an estimated 1000 days to an actual 200 days.
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Leadership Alignment for a New Culture of Safety

A large, Federal natural-resource agency contracted Dialogos to help them determine the underlying causes of Wildland Fire accidents and fatalities, and to facilitate a large-scale process for improving safety performance. Interviews of more than 500 employees and stakeholders revealed the significant factors contributing to these undesirable outcomes. From these interviews, Dialogoss created a diagnostic map of the safety system that highlighted several potential high-leverage opportunities to transform the safety culture of the Agency, and worked with a core team of senior leaders to create two strategic intervention plans to maximize these opportunities.
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Stability Under Uncertainty: Creating a Leadership Development Institute

When one of the world’s major financial services firms faced a time of serious crisis, including the pending transition of the CEO and founder, the company’s slate of emerging senior leaders engaged Dialogos to help them examine the demands and challenges of their situation. By creating a shared “container” for open, transparent communication about risk and reward, combined with a common definition for collective leadership, Dialogos help the firm navigate upheaval to maintain stability and performance momentum—and achieve a successful leadership transition.
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