In their own words

“Real accountability was established. We defined success, established trust, worked well as a team, and created one team and one voice. We were very successful as a result. We now have a world-class scheduling system to manage our business and Aspen Technologies has a world-class scheduling system to market to organizations across the world.”
–Dennis Bak, BP, Manager, Marketing Supply BP West Coast Products
“For organizational leadership, no one holds a candle to Dialogos. They are like no other consultants. They reject the notion of moving fast. They reject traditional methods. They insist on self-reflection and communication.”
–Hank Kashdan, United States Forest Service, Associate Chief (Retired)
“Dialogos lets you create the roadmap. Other consultants are like a technical paper—Dialogos is like a novel. It opened my eyes and gave me strength and courage. My experience with Dialogos gave me the strength not just to show the best part of myself. I understood that the less we hide the more effective we can be. I am now on my way to being a better leader, a more ‘whole’ leader.”
–Kalpana Kochhar, World Bank, Chief Economist South Asia
“Dialogos gave me the opportunity to interface with a diverse group of executives—many of whom have had life changing experiences. This was very enriching to me personally because I work more in technical operations. Others had very different expertise. It was refreshing to see the similarities as well as the differences. You see the benefit of seeing things from different perspectives. The experience broadened my understanding of leadership.”
–Dave Leestma, Johnson Space Center, Astronaut (Retired)
“Through my experience with Dialogos, I understand that there are bigger things at play than how you feel. While you may be part of the problem, you can be part of the solution. Other consultants may understand this, but Dialogos has a way of pulling it all together. Dialogos’ style is that you spend time thinking rather than rushing to find the answer. You learn about patience. You learn about discovery. You don’t rush it.”
–Ed Alford, BP, Fuels Value Chain Transformation Director
“The most tangible result? Now, I can tell people things about me and my thoughts and emotions that I wouldn’t have told before working with Dialogos. I now understand that showing yourself fully makes you a better leader. They helped me understand how to be open—they gave me the courage to be myself. I have strength and that came from my experience with Dialogos—the strength not just to show the best part of myself.”
–Michal Rutkowski, World Bank, Country Director, Russia